Friday December 08, 2023

Sunlit Exposure

By definition a space that features “Good Sunlight Exposure” or that is categorized as featuring ‘Sunlit Exposure‘ denotes that the commercial unit enjoys bright exposure naturally. The space allows natural light to come in and bears one or all of the following details; unit stands in one of the building’s upper floor-plates, the unit overlooks a shorter height property adjacent to the tenant, and or the unit enjoys an eastern or west facing view. In any case this designation is only used sparingly throughout our office listings.

Sunlight Factors
– East / West Exposure
– High Vantage Floor
– Unencumbered / Unrestricted Views

With the average building height in Manhattan standing at 467 Feet tall or 38 Stories tall, it’s important for us to identify only those commercial spaces that truly stand above the rest!

The Science of Sunlight
“We already study circadian rhythm in sleep labs and find that … light is the most important synchronizing agent for the brain and the body.”
– quote; Ivy Cheung (co-author of a study published this summer in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine; 2014)

Cheung and most recent study found that workers who had a window in their office had a much better sense of health. In short she says that exposure to natural light during the workweek tends to inspire people to exercise more, while staff with a window are also better rested according to the findings.

An Office with a View
Traditionally there are a few well-known commercial building sprinkled throughout the city known for their inspiring heights. These properties by all accounts feature sweeping expansive views of their local area and or even the city beyond.

• Empire State Building
• One World Trade Center
• 4 World Trade Center
• Chrysler Building
• Metlife Building
• Bank of America Tower
• 4 Times Square – Condé Nast Building
• New York Times Building
• One57
• 30 Hudson Yards
• Citigroup Center
• Bloomberg Tower

If your interested in leasing or purchasing an office in Manhattan that features a great sunlit exposure, just give us a call – we have data on all the building properties throughout city that bear the specific details your looking for – whether your in the market for an office facing a certain cardinal direction, a high floor plate, and or unobstructed views – we can help!

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