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245 Park Avenue

A Premier Office Destination in the Heart of Midtown Manhattan

Discover 245 Park Avenue, an iconic and prestigious office building nestled in the bustling Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Its prime location, iconic architecture, and modern amenities make it a coveted address for businesses and organizations seeking a distinguished presence in the city.

Prime Location: Unparalleled Accessibility and Convenience

Strategically located at the corner of Park Avenue and East 46th Street, 245 Park Avenue offers unmatched accessibility. Grand Central Terminal, just a short walk away, connects the building to major subway lines and commuter trains. This central location places businesses within reach of key financial, cultural, and dining hubs, making it an ideal choice for establishing a foothold in the vibrant metropolis.

Iconic Architecture: Timeless Elegance

Designed by the esteemed architectural firm Emery Roth & Sons, 245 Park Avenue showcases a timeless and distinctive façade that graces the city’s skyline. This 44-story architectural masterpiece exudes elegance and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and tenants alike.

Modern Amenities: Elevating Business Experience

Inside, 245 Park Avenue offers a range of modern amenities thoughtfully designed to meet today’s business needs. Tenants and visitors are greeted by a stylish and welcoming lobby, setting the stage for a professional environment. State-of-the-art elevators ensure smooth vertical transportation, while high-speed internet connectivity guarantees seamless communication.

Flexible Office Spaces: Tailored to Your Business

The building provides a variety of office spaces to cater to diverse business requirements. Whether you’re a startup, an established firm, or in need of a satellite office, 245 Park Avenue offers the flexibility to accommodate your unique needs. With spacious floor plates and customizable layouts, businesses can design their spaces to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Notable Tenants: A Diverse and Esteemed Community

245 Park Avenue proudly hosts a diverse mix of prominent and successful companies across various industries. Its prestigious tenant roster includes major financial institutions, law firms, and multinational corporations. Sharing an address with industry leaders enhances a company’s reputation and lends credibility to its brand.

At 245 Park Avenue, a prestigious and iconic office building in Midtown Manhattan, an impressive array of tenants from various industries have chosen to establish their presence. The building’s esteemed tenant roster includes major financial institutions such as Ares Management Corporation, The Norinchukin Bank, and Societe Generale, global investment firms like Angelo, Gordon & Co. and Blackstone Inc., leading law firms including Brunswick Group and Jones Lang LaSalle, and multinational corporations like RTL Group and Inc. These notable tenants, among others, have either renewed or expanded their leases, emphasizing the appeal of this location for businesses seeking a distinguished address in the heart of the city. With its prime location, modern amenities, and flexible office spaces, 245 Park Avenue continues to attract a diverse mix of successful and prominent companies, enhancing the building’s reputation as a preferred office destination in the bustling metropolis of New York City.

A Place of Prestige: A Symbol of Success

Nestled in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, 245 Park Avenue stands as a symbol of success and prestige. Its legacy of excellence, prime location, and modern amenities make it a premier choice for businesses seeking distinguished office space in Midtown Manhattan.

Join the Distinguished Community at 245 Park Avenue

Seize the opportunity to be a part of the esteemed community at 245 Park Avenue and elevate your business to new heights in this iconic building at the center of the city’s thriving business landscape. The building’s heritage of excellence and commitment to tenant satisfaction ensures an unparalleled office experience. Explore the possibilities and secure your place at this premier office destination in Midtown Manhattan.

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