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3 World Trade Center

3 World Trade Center – Redefining Modern Architecture in Manhattan

Rising majestically at the heart of Lower Manhattan, 3 World Trade Center stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and architectural brilliance. This iconic skyscraper is a symbol of New York City’s indomitable spirit and a prime destination for businesses seeking a dynamic and world-class office space.

A Towering Marvel:

Designed by the acclaimed architect Richard Rogers, 3 World Trade Center soars to a height of 1,079 feet, boasting 80 floors of modern office spaces. Its striking facade of glass and steel exudes a contemporary elegance that harmonizes with the surrounding skyline.

Prime Location with Unbeatable Connectivity:

Situated within the World Trade Center complex, this building enjoys unrivaled connectivity. A hub of transportation, 3 World Trade Center offers easy access to multiple subway lines, PATH trains, ferries, and major highways, ensuring a seamless commute for tenants and visitors alike.

Cutting-Edge Amenities:

With a focus on enhancing the tenant experience, 3 World Trade Center features state-of-the-art amenities. The building’s tenant-exclusive fitness center, stylish lounges, and rooftop terrace provide spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Flexible and Adaptable Spaces:

The tower’s floor layouts are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of business needs. From open-plan work areas that encourage collaboration to private offices for focused productivity, 3 World Trade Center provides flexible spaces that inspire innovation.

Captivating Panoramic Views:

The floor-to-ceiling windows of 3 World Trade Center offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, the Hudson River, and beyond. Tenants are treated to an ever-changing cityscape that serves as a constant source of inspiration.

An Iconic Address:

Securing an office at 3 World Trade Center bestows businesses with a prestigious address, underscoring their commitment to excellence and ambition. This address becomes a powerful statement of a company’s stature in the global market.

A Community of Success:

Being a part of 3 World Trade Center means becoming part of a vibrant community of diverse industries and world-class enterprises. Networking events and business forums provide unparalleled opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Commitment to Sustainability:

3 World Trade Center adheres to the highest standards of environmental sustainability. The building’s green initiatives, energy-efficient systems, and LEED Gold certification ensure a responsible and eco-friendly workplace.


Discover an unparalleled blend of modernity and convenience at 3 World Trade Center. This architectural masterpiece offers a prime location, exceptional amenities, and inspiring spaces for businesses to thrive. Embrace the spirit of New York City and position your company for success at 3 World Trade Center, where ambition knows no bounds and innovation knows no limits.

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