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1 Rockefeller Plaza

1 Rockefeller Plaza – A Landmark Office Address in the Heart of New York City

Prime Location and Accessibility

Situated in the highly coveted Rockefeller Center complex, this landmark office building enjoys a prime location that is second to none. Its address at 1 Rockefeller Plaza places it at the center of the city’s financial and commercial hub, providing unrivaled access to a multitude of amenities and services. With close proximity to major transportation hubs, including Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, and multiple subway lines, commuting to and from the building is seamless for employees and clients alike.

Historic Architecture and Design

1 Rockefeller Plaza is a striking example of Art Deco architecture, exuding timeless elegance and grandeur. The building’s facade, adorned with intricate detailing and ornate sculptures, captivates visitors and passersby alike. Inside, the meticulously designed lobby features high ceilings, opulent finishes, and an air of sophistication that leaves a lasting impression on all who enter.

Modern Amenities and Facilities

While steeped in history, 1 Rockefeller Plaza is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and modern facilities that cater to the needs of today’s discerning businesses. Tenants benefit from advanced technology infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication and connectivity. The building also offers high-speed elevators, efficient HVAC systems, and 24/7 security and surveillance, providing a secure and comfortable work environment.

Flexible Office Spaces

The building offers an array of flexible office spaces, ranging from individual suites to entire floors, accommodating businesses of all sizes and requirements. Whether seeking open-plan layouts to encourage collaboration or private executive offices for focused productivity, tenants can tailor their space to suit their unique needs and preferences.

Diverse Tenant Community

1 Rockefeller Plaza is home to a diverse community of esteemed tenants, spanning various industries and sectors. The dynamic mix of businesses fosters a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere, offering opportunities for networking and growth within the building’s community.


With its rich history, prestigious address, and modern amenities, 1 Rockefeller Plaza remains an unparalleled choice for businesses seeking a prominent office space in the heart of New York City. The building’s timeless architecture, coupled with its contemporary offerings, creates an inspiring and productive work environment for tenants. Experience the legacy and allure of 1 Rockefeller Plaza and secure your place among New York City’s corporate elite.

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