Sunday July 14, 2024

Selling Commercial Property

If you are looking to sell commercial property or space, New York Offices is ready to help you. We are in constant contact with buyers and have years of experience helping clients sell commercial real estate in all areas of Manhattan. New York Offices commercial brokers have been selling commercial real estate for years and are competent experts in all aspects of the market in New York City.

Whether you are selling an office condo, commercial loft property or planning to sell commercial real estate, our services will get you results in a minimum of time.

Our commercial brokers will closely examine your space to determine its best attributes, then market it directly to qualified potential buyers with an established interest in New York office space.

Take the first step toward selling your commercial property Today .

Please fill out the FORM to the right; once received a broker will be assigned to you who will contact you within 24 Hours. We will then go over your property’s details including; size, type of space, and location. From there we will create a market analysis that covers the complete history of all sales comps – from there we will then suggest to you the highest evaluation for a future sale.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

  • Condos
  • Coops
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Live / Work Spaces

Online Sales Listings Include

  • Space Description (Walk through)
  • Size Measurements
  • Photos
  • Floor Plans
  • Building / Property History