Sunday July 14, 2024

Office Subletting

A Guide to Subleasing your Commercial Space

To properly sublet your office space, you need to have a detailed understanding of how the process works. A commercial sublease is an agreement between two businesses where one business assumes the other’s leased commercial space under terms specified in a written contract. This type of office sublease exists with the landlord’s consent, and it is critical that any sublease agreement is permissible under current lease terms.

The most important thing you can do before attempting to sublease your office is check with your broker and read through your lease contract, making sure that a sublet will be allowed. If such an office sublease is possible, you may go ahead and find a tenant to sublet your space. Bear in mind that though you may have vacated your space, you are still obligated to meet all terms of your initial lease contract with your landlord. Be sure to choose sublessees very carefully, scrutinizing their financial stability. You want to be absolutely sure they will be able to pay for the complete term of the sublease.

Success in Subletting = Reaching as many potential tenants and brokers as possible to increases chances of identifying a qualified sublessee.

In order to promote your commercial space we propose the following strategy to reach our targeted markets.

To Reach Tenants:

  1. E- Mail Presentation – Directed to tenants. This presentation will be e-mailed to our exclusive data base of Manhattan companies.
  2. Direct Faxing – New York Offices has an exclusive data base of over 40,000 Manhattan companies. A fax flyer is developed and faxed to a targeted database of companies that occupy similar space size or have the same usage requirements for your type of space. New York Offices has the ability to fax more than 1500 companies per day.
  3. Follow Up With Direct Telemarketing – To the president of companies, promoting available space.
  4. Advertise Space in the New York Times, as well as Industry targeted publications – New York Offices takes a proactive approach and advertises available space on a daily basis in the New York Times and other magazines and newspapers.

To Reach All Manhattan Real Estate Brokers:

  1. E- Mail – Presentation directed to brokers. This presentation will be E-mailed to all brokers in Manhattan. The presentation will also be accessible through the Manhattan Office Space web page.
  2. Direct Faxing – A fax flyer is developed and faxed to all brokers who deal in office space.
  3. Real Estate Industry Data Bases – Your office property will be listed with all available real estate space data bases available to both brokers and tenants.

    The above program covers all the bases and does not leave a stone unturned in identifying tenants and promoting the availability of space.