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75 Murray Street

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s vibrant TriBeCa neighborhood, 75 Murray Street, also known as the Hopkins Store or the Bogardus Mansion, stands as a historic landmark with a rich architectural heritage. Dating back to 1857-58, this distinguished building boasts a cast-iron facade in the Venetian Renaissance style, a testament to the ingenuity of its creator, James Bogardus, a pioneer in cast-iron architecture.

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Originally home to Francis and John Hopkins’ glassware business, the property has played a significant role in the commercial landscape of TriBeCa for over a century. In the early 1920s, the building became the headquarters of Knickerbocker Annunciator, a renowned supplier of elevator traveling cable, electronic cable, and annunciators, further solidifying its place in New York City’s business history.

Following a meticulous restoration in 1994-95, the property underwent a transformation, transitioning into a mixed-use space that seamlessly blends commercial and residential elements. Today, it stands as a versatile destination, known as the Bogardus Mansion, where events and musical performances come to life against the backdrop of its historic charm.

Beyond its storied past, 75 Murray Street continues to be a beacon of innovation and opportunity in TriBeCa. With its prime location between West Broadway and Greenwich Street, the building offers tenants convenient access to the neighborhood’s eclectic mix of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

Furthermore, the building’s Class A status and modern infrastructure underscore its commitment to excellence. Boasting high-speed internet connectivity, advanced security features, and environmentally sustainable design elements, 75 Murray Street provides tenants with a superior workspace tailored to their professional needs.

From startups to established corporations, businesses of all sizes find a welcoming home at 75 Murray Street. With flexible leasing options and customizable spaces, tenants have the freedom to create their ideal work environment, ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency.

As businesses of all sizes seek to establish themselves in TriBeCa’s thriving community, 75 Murray Street remains a coveted destination. With its historic significance, prime location, and commitment to excellence, this iconic building continues to shape the landscape of Manhattan’s bustling commercial district, offering tenants a unique opportunity to be part of its storied legacy.

In summary, 75 Murray Street epitomizes the spirit of Tribeca’s thriving business community. With its contemporary design, prime location, and commitment to excellence, this commercial property continues to serve as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in one of Manhattan’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

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Near By Transportation

Conveniently located in the bustling neighborhood of TriBeCa, 75 Murray Street offers easy access to various transportation options, ensuring seamless connectivity for residents, commuters, and visitors alike. Here are some nearby transportation hubs:

  • A, C, E, 1, 2, 3 at Chambers St: Located just under 500 feet away, this subway station provides access to multiple subway lines, offering convenient connections to various parts of the city.

  • A, C, E, 2, 3, PATH at World Trade Center: Situated a mere 0.12 miles from the building, this transportation hub offers access to several subway lines as well as the PATH train, facilitating travel to destinations within and outside of Manhattan.

  • A, C, E, 2, 3 at Park Place: Approximately 0.21 miles away, this subway station provides additional options for commuters traveling uptown, downtown, or across town.

  • R, W at City Hall: Just 0.22 miles from 75 Murray Street, this subway station offers access to the R and W lines, providing convenient transportation options for commuters heading to various destinations in Manhattan and beyond.

  • R, W at Cortlandt St: Located 0.26 miles away, this subway station serves as another convenient transportation hub for residents and commuters in the TriBeCa area.

With such easy access to multiple subway lines and train services, residents and tenants of 75 Murray Street enjoy the convenience of swift and efficient travel throughout New York City and beyond, making it an ideal location for both work and leisure.

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