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New York Office Space Company

For more than twenty years, New York Offices has had one focus: commercial real estate leasing and sale in Manhattan. Our experienced brokers have guided thousands of successful lease transactions ranging from 1,500+ square foot startups to front page acquisitions.

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Common Commercial Real Estate Questions

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  • How Much is an Office Space in Manhattan cost per Square Foot?
  • How long will a lease run?
  • How much will the rent go up?
  • What is Loss Factor and how does that apply to my search?
  • Can you sublease a portion of your new space?
  • Can you renew the lease once it expires?
  • What building services complement the space?
  • Who pays for the initial construction and or future improvements?
  • What else is involved in moving (furniture, phones, computers, copy/fax/postage machines, internet access, etc.)?
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