Friday April 12, 2024

Storage Room

What is a Storage Room?
How does it apply to an office space today?

A well-organized storage room will help you keep the clutter at bay in the work areas of your office.

New York City has so much to offer, but one thing lacking is storage space. Offices commonly contain a storeroom or storage room, which is likely, cluttered with paperwork and files difficult to identify. In the case when a file is needed from the storage closet, so much time and resources will be wasted searching through the clutter. Proper storage is paramount and does not always mean more drawers or shelving. The end of the year’s reorganization should not mean finding hordes of unidentified paperwork and files throughout the office. This storage method may cause these papers and files to be mistakenly discarded or lost.

An organized storage system is essential to the functionality of the office. Placing the files and paperwork alphabetically in a storage room or separating them by department. Other offices choose a mobile pedestal for each individual to store their paperwork and files.

Storage rooms are found in several offices throughout Manhattan. Maintaining an organized storage space is key to keeping work-spaces free from clutter. Properly labeling items by importance and disposing of items no longer needed is an essential past or organizing. A typical storage space houses miscellaneous equipment, appliances, paperwork and files for future use. 

Once a space is assigned as a storage room, mounted shelving should be designed. Labelled plastic storage containers are cost-effective and commonplace organizer in many offices. Plastic containers protect the items from damage, such as weather, water, dust, dirt, or bugs. The containers are stack-able so you maintain the floor room. Plastic containers are also tasteful with many styles and designs available.

Considerations of Free Space within the Office
Extra office space comes at a cost and you should consider this question, what is the need for the extra space? Is it for storage or equipment? Some offices need physical documents on hand or a second computer monitor.

Various businesses decided to go paperless to save on space and materials. Even the most organized of storage systems cannot possibly store all your paperwork and files. Paperless file storage saves by reducing the amount of paper, toner, ink, and printer maintenance costs.

The usage of space in an office can always be improved and enhanced. Even large offices could always utilize more space to their benefit. There are offices in Manhattan that service tenants whom businesses require a storage room. Throughout the years, our brokers toured offices and know where to locate the requested offices. Contact us to discuss the available spaces at no obligation and fee to you.

With the years we have toured spaces we know how and where to locate this particular offices!

Just give us a call and we can discuss all the options at no obligation to you!

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