Monday February 26, 2024

Polished Hardwood Floors

The materials used in wood flooring are manufactured from trees and timber. The timber is then deconstructed for flooring use both as structural and/or aesthetic. Hardwood flooring is common selection for flooring materials, as it is available in many styles, colors, cuts, and species.  All wood material especially flooring require a finish. Polished hardwood floors are the flooring material finished with topcoat of polyurethane. The coating and finishing is a protective seal to protect the floor from every day wear and tear.

• If you decide to purchase unfinished wood flooring, the contractor must proceed to sand the wood and apply the finish onsite. With many finishes available, the best option should best suit the specific color wanted from the existing flooring. 

• If you decide to purchase factory-finished flooring, the manufacturer will apply the finishes of their choice. The pre-finished wood makes installation quicker and smoother. Once installed, the floor are ready for walking immediately.

Solid & Engineered Wood Office Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring is a wood plank of solid wood from top to bottom. The thickness of the wood is usually from 3/4” to 5/6” in width. The thickness provides the ability to sand and refinish the flooring several times.

Engineered Wood Floors are slightly different from solid wood flooring, use real wood planks from multiple wood or wood composite veneer. The composites can be composed of the same or different species of wood. The wood grain of the composites typically run in various directions providing stability. The stability means the planks will endure expanding and contracting from humidity and temperature. Depending on the thickness of the plank, this flooring may be sanded and refinished.

The design of the office space is a valuable challenge for businesses when designing their office space. The design choices can influence the brand, perception, efficiency, and satisfaction. Many businesses are starting to have more fun aesthetics while maintaining a professional work environment. Many businesses chose polished hardwood floors for the aesthetics and seemingly easy maintenance.

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