Friday December 08, 2023

Penthouse Office

The penthouse office on the top floor of Manhattan’s office buildings are known for the glamour. The prospects have seemed to dwindle and

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In prime New York City commercial buildings, there are several penthouses currently available in today’s outfits. Property owners, brokers, and analysts agree there are more penthouse spaces available than in previous years. Many of the penthouse suites have remained empty for more than a year. The prolonged vacancy may be due to the spacious rooms and odd layouts creating a hindrance for many tenants.

While penthouse offices are not all carbon copies of each other, a grand floor plate is quite common in penthouses. The common office size is 5,000 square feet or less in many New York City offices. Some commercial penthouse spaces are unique and exceptional; others are simply the top floor office.  Many office penthouse units offer stunning views of New York City and outdoor seating which is unmatched. High-end penthouse offices are asking annual rents $150 a foot, although most are rented from $100 to $125 a foot annually. Penthouse offices present more difficulties with defined pricing. Many brokers and property owners will avoid a specific asking rent and instead say the base rent starts at $100 a foot.

An office penthouse space may not be a perfect fit for everyone. According to brokers and analyst, a finance firm is the most likely to occupy the space.

A family trust, hedge fund, or investment firm looking to leave an impression. Many of the penthouse offices in the most prominent commercial buildings are occupied especially in the renowned Plaza District. The Midtown penthouse office is in high demand and may become stronger.

A commercial space penthouse features amenities not available in the majority of offices throughout the building. A private entrance, private elevator access, and taller ceiling heights are common features to be found in today’s penthouse space. Many commercial buildings are comprised of single level/floor offices, while the penthouse office may offer more than one level/floor.

Other distinguishing features are a larger floor plate, multiple suites, terrace, and oversized windows. A penthouse office is often considered prestigious and more expensive.

The Fortune 500 companies typically occupy the penthouse office.

Common Features

  • Penthouses are a very limited commodity in Manhattan
  • They might have outdoor access via Roof Rights
  • Most of these commercial spaces enjoy unencumbered views + great sunlit exposure
  • One of a kind spaces many Penthouse boast a Skylight
  • Direct elevator access onto the top floor
  • Private Restrooms

A penthouse office is a status symbol and leaves a great impression. When considering a penthouse office for your next office – contact our brokers to view floor-plans, office photos, and other important details.

To tour and view any of Manhattan’s available penthouse office spaces, we can assist you with all the information at No Obligation or Fee.

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