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In an office, a pantry is a dedicate portion of a commercial space where the staff can store food and beverages. This kitchen-like area is typically used for storing food, beverages, dishes and sometimes-cleaning supplies. Pantries can serve in support of the kitchen or stand-alone.

Building Specifics
Wet Column Access: In commercial buildings the water column is required for access of water for pantry location. In most cases the wet column will determine the location options for the pantry. In the event that a wet column is not available in the tenant’s preferred location there are two options available;

A. Core drill a drain through the floor and then pipe extend piping to column with drainage, water can be delivered more easily than drainage because of piping and it can be configured below floor or along ceiling, due to the pressurized water.

B. In some cases a Landlord will allow a pump which pushes the used water from drain up to ceiling and then to drain with out the need for core drilling.

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Office Specifics
The office larder can do more than store food and beverages. This area can serve as a place for the staff to take a break and enjoy their lunch. Beyond that, to enhance the atmosphere of the office, a pantry should be comfortable for their break. Enhancing the pantry is a great way to boost the staff’s morale. Including appliances in the food area adds convenience to the space. A clean eat-in and or food storage area can add to the ideal atmosphere of a space.

The office space should function as your staff’s second home.

The space should be as welcoming as possible. Many businesses place appliances, such as, microwaves and refrigerators, in the space. Along with the appliances, sinks, counters, and cabinets are also installed in the pantry. Many office kitchenettes are stocked with utensils and tableware. Cleaning supplies should also be stocked in this dedicated area. This food/break area should be accessible to the staff to eat their lunch but it is not recommended to allow cooking. Along with the facilities, some businesses include complimentary snacks and coffee.

Interior Design
The design of the office pantry is an important facet to enliven the space. Some pantries are designed by theme. The theme of the pantry may be an extension of the office space or designed as a separate space. The design should elevate the mood and relaxation of your staff. Above all else, the space should be light, bright, and lively to elevate the mood.

Professional Solutions
Professional solutions are important in any workplace especially for the pantry. It is crucial to have professional companies assemble and installed the facilities and décor. In addition to the renovations, maintenance and cleanliness is also important. A routine plumbing service is important for sink maintenance.

Kitchen appliances are integral to keeping food fresh appetizing. A microwave oven is a sufficient way for your employees to heat and warm their food. Some businesses provide complimentary coffee and tea to help keep the staff alert and energized. The addition of coffee to the pantry may also prevent the staff from leaving the office for their coffee. Water dispensers, wastebasket, and paper towels are great additions to the space as well. Comfortable seating and tables are placed in the pantry to function as place to eat lunch. If the pantry has extra space, other furniture pieces and couches may also be included in the pantry. The pantry is a great place to hang employee notices, slogans, and a notice board.

The staff should also be responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of the pantry. Labeling lunch containers in a shared refrigerator establishes responsibility of the staff for their own food and beverage. Placing reminders on the notice board to ensure everyone cleans the pantry is encouraged. The pantry should be in use during break time or any previously designated lunch times.

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The office pantry can improve staff morale while boosting productivity and satisfaction. If you are seeking an office with a pantry pre-installed or would like to find a space in which to build out the perfect office pantry – contact us to tour available office spaces. We would be happy to assist you on your commercial real estate search.

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