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Third Avenue Office Spaces for Sale

Grand Central, Midtown East

LISTING DETAILS FOR Third Avenue Office Spaces for Sale

Unit Size 1100 SQ. FT
Type Sale
Price $1,045,000


These available office spaces now present the perfect opportunity to purchase Grand Central Office condos. 633 Third Avenue, a Class A Midtown office building with (11) commercial spaces for sale; with available office units ranging from 1,104 Square Feet to 17,251 (Combined) Square feet. This selection of commercial condos offers the option to either buy an entire floor or purchase smaller individual parceled units. The smaller individual offices range in size with the smallest space measuring at 1,104 Square feet, while the largest condo spanned 2,991 Square feet.

Because of the building’s central architectural design, most of the building’s common area will be located in the center of the building. This includes elevators, staircases, bathrooms, and more. This design allows all units access to windows and 360-degree tower views of Mid-Town Manhattan from the Chrysler building to the east river.

Built with most luxury buyers in mind, 633 third Avenue offers tenants 24/7 building access, concierge service, and doorman. You will find various convenience stores and other retail chains in the lobby in addition to eight high-speed passenger elevators. Exiting the elevator to your floor, you will find the common area decorated with the most opulent artwork, As well as marble tile floors and walls.

Each unit is currently built into a white box, also known as white shell space specification.

A white box finished space signifies a tenant’s or buyer’s space, prior to any space improvements.

In definition a white box space excludes flooring(excluding concrete floors), plumbing, fixtures, interior walls, paint and wall coverings, electrical fixtures, furniture, and other tenant-specific or office space upgrades. However, it does include exterior walls, windows and doors, roofing, standard lighting and electrical, primary heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), concrete floors, restrooms, drinking water fountain, code fire protection, and stairs and elevator. The primary purpose of a white box finish, it represents a building or office interior for commercial owners to have space ready for tenants quickly. With a white box or white shell space, tenants or buyers can easily hire a contractor to build out the ideal office space.

With large operable double hung windows, each unit is guaranteed to receive an ample natural sunlight and fresh air. A large open-styled common pantry is also available on the floor, with access to an eating area and other amenities. In addition the 19th floor also contains conventional public area restrooms; all architecturally designed with no uncertainty to cost in mind.

Column spaces at 633 Third avenue are at a minimum, with a 20 foot spacing in between; providing maximum spacing for employees in open unobstructed floor plans.

633 Third Avenue is an excellent opportunity for office condo buyers seeking a high-end Class A office space at a more affordable price when compared to other Midtown Manhattan Class-A office spaces. Strategically located at the intersection of Third Avenue and East 41th Street, 633 Third Avenue gives its tenants close access to Grand Central Terminal and the Midtown tunnel I-95.

The views, layout, and construction blend together, making these office condos an outstanding solution for any business looking for a Headquarters in Midtown today! This property boasts a prestigious owner/tenant roster that has included; Memorial Sloan-Kettering, New York State Governor’s Office, UNICEF, The Fresh Air Fund, Consulate General of Switzerland and China Airline.

Hedge Funds, Trading Firms, Consulates, Accountants, Law firms, or any other businesses seeking a Class A office presents in Mid-town Manhattan.

Space Features: • Space available form 1,104 SF – 17,251 SF

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Past and Present Companies found Here

  • Sage & Zest (New Lease 2023)
  • JPMorgan Chase (Lease 2023 – Restructure)
  • Dr. Mara Goldstein (2022 – New Lease)
  • 81 Investments (2020 -New Lease)
  • UNICEF (2018 – New Lease)
  • I Love NY Gifts (2018 -Lease)
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (Leasing 4th Floor)
  • The New York State Governor’s Office

Purchasing a commercial condo space at 633 Third Avenue in Manhattan offers several distinct advantages for companies seeking a strategic location. The building has a rich history of accommodating prestigious tenants, making it a sought-after address for businesses. Some of the notable benefits and advantages of owning a condo space in this iconic building include:

  1. Proximity to United Nations: Situated just across the street from the United Nations, 633 Third Avenue offers unparalleled access to one of the most significant international organizations. This location is highly desirable for businesses that require close ties to diplomatic and international affairs.

  2. Prime Grand Central Submarket: The building is located in the Grand Central Submarket, an area renowned for its strategic importance. This central location places your business within easy reach of Grand Central Terminal, providing excellent connectivity within Manhattan and beyond.

  3. Financial Incentives: In the past, the Dinkins administration offered lucrative financial incentives to organizations like UNICEF, demonstrating the city’s commitment to retaining major corporations and non-profit entities. These incentives can significantly benefit companies seeking a long-term presence in Manhattan.

  4. Ownership Opportunity: Owning a condo space at 633 Third Avenue means securing a lasting foothold in Manhattan. Rather than being a tenant, your company becomes a property owner, offering stability and long-term cost advantages.

  5. Significant Cost Savings: Non-profit organizations, in particular, can benefit from owning their office space as it often leads to substantial savings on real estate taxes. Owning property can save between $6 to $8 per square foot annually, reducing occupancy costs.

  6. Large, Flexible Office Space: The building offers large, flexible floor plates suitable for various office layouts. Whether you need a full floor, partial floor, or multiple combined spaces, 633 Third Avenue can accommodate your specific requirements.

  7. Highly Efficient Layouts: The office spaces at 633 Third Avenue boast highly efficient center-core layouts, maximizing the usable area. This efficiency allows for optimal space utilization and flexibility in office design.

  8. Modern Amenities: The property features modern amenities, including newly renovated common corridors and bathrooms. These updates enhance the overall working environment and create a positive impression for both employees and clients.

  9. Prime Manhattan Plaza District: The building’s location within the Manhattan Plaza District places it among the most prestigious neighborhoods, attracting top hedge funds, banks, insurers, and other prominent organizations.

  10. Diverse Tenant Roster: 633 Third Avenue is home to a diverse tenant roster, including renowned organizations like Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the New York State Governor’s Office, UNICEF, and The World Zionist Organization. Sharing an address with these esteemed entities adds prestige to your company’s image.

Overall, 633 Third Avenue offers a unique opportunity for companies to secure a prime location in the heart of Manhattan, benefit from financial incentives, and enjoy the advantages of property ownership in a highly desirable commercial district. The combination of strategic location, cost savings, and modern amenities makes this building an ideal choice for businesses looking to thrive in New York City.


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