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Flatiron Office Space for Lease

Flatiron District

LISTING DETAILS FOR Flatiron Office Space for Lease

Unit Size 5200 SQ. FT
Type Direct Lease


Presenting Furnished Office Space at 155 Fifth Avenue

Step into a workspace adorned with polished hardwood floors that set a tone of professionalism and elegance, making an immediate impression on clients and employees alike. The characteristic exposed beamed ceilings not only add charm to the ambiance but also serve as a unique design element that reflects the historic character of the building.

Full Floors Available Today

• Entire 3rd floor: 5,200 RSF
• Entire 4th floor: 5,200 RSF
• Entire 5th floor: 5,200 RSF

Enjoy the advantages of generous column spacing, providing flexibility in organizing your office layout. This feature allows you to optimize your space according to your specific requirements, ensuring that it accommodates your team’s needs seamlessly.

The muted ductwork throughout the office maintains a clean and sleek interior atmosphere, contributing to a distraction-free work environment. Meanwhile, brick wall accents serve as unique design touches that make a powerful statement, blending modernity with tradition in an inspiring way.

The office space incorporates glass partitions, creating an open and modern environment that fosters collaboration and creativity. These partitions offer transparency while maintaining distinct work areas, ensuring that your team can work cohesively while enjoying privacy when needed.

Experience the convenience of direct elevator access, ensuring that you and your team can reach your workspace effortlessly and efficiently. This practical feature adds a layer of ease to your daily operations, saving you time and effort.

For your comfort and productivity, stainless steel appliances are provided within the office. These modern amenities allow you to meet your team’s needs efficiently, ensuring that your workspace is well-equipped for your daily tasks.

The oversized operable windows flood the office with natural light, creating a welcoming and invigorating atmosphere. This feature not only contributes to an energy-efficient workspace but also offers stunning views, enhancing the overall work environment.

The office space further includes a dedicated conference/board room that can accommodate up to 8 individuals, providing a professional and private setting for your meetings and presentations.

You’ll also find an open area with space for 34 workstations, promoting versatility and a spacious work environment. Whether you prefer an open-plan setup or individual workstations, this area can be tailored to your team’s preferences.

Additionally, the office boasts three private office spaces, ideal for confidential meetings or focused work that requires minimal distraction. These private spaces offer an added layer of flexibility in how you choose to utilize your office.

The workspace features seven common areas, thoughtfully designed to encourage interaction and collaboration among your team members. These spaces are where creativity and teamwork can thrive.

With a total staff capacity of up to 47 team members, the office offers a suitable environment for both smaller and larger teams, making it a versatile and accommodating workspace for your company.

Office Features:

  1. Three entire floors: The 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors each offer 5,200 RSF of space.

  2. Modernized building: Equipped with two fully serviced elevators for seamless access.

  3. Abundant natural light: Enjoy stunning views of both Fifth Avenue and Broadway, bathed in ample sunlight.

  4. Customizable lease terms: Tailored to your needs, ranging from 3 to 10 years, ensuring flexibility.

About 155 Fifth Avenue:

155 Fifth Avenue boasts a storied history as a hub for pioneering design and forward-thinking businesses. This modern oasis, located in the heart of the Flatiron District, seamlessly blends elements of commercial and hospitality design.

The design vision aimed to create an expansive and well-lit main workspace with high ceilings and large windows to maximize natural light. Additionally, more intimate private offices feature lower ceilings, darker hues, and comfortable nooks and niches. The space is both functional and luxurious, ideal for various professional applications in casual and formal work settings.

The flexible floor plan encourages collaboration while providing designated areas for focused tasks. This office space offers a fresh perspective on workspace design, infusing a sense of homeliness into the environment. It creates an inviting and innovative space that aligns with the modern office’s need for a luxurious blend of materials and finishes.

At 155 Fifth Avenue, you’ll find a vibrant fusion of history and modernity, fostering innovation and creativity. This makes it the perfect location for your future office space.

Space Features: (as applied to a single unit herein)

  • (3) Private Windowed Offices
  • (7) Common Areas
  • Conference / Board Room (seats 8)
  • Open Area for 34 Workstations
  • Polished Hardwood Floors
  • Exposed Beamed Ceilings
  • Generious Column Spacing
  • Muted Ductwork
  • Brick Wall Accents
  • Wet Pantry (with Stainless Steel Appliances)
  • Glass Partitions (fronting each office & the conference room)
  • Direct Elevator Access (opens directly into Unit)
  • Pantry (with Stainless Steel Appliances)
  • Oversized Operable Doublehung Windows
  • Total Staff Capacity Of 47
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Past & Present Companies found in the Flatiron

149 Fifth Avenue

  • Genentech, 2023 Expansion
  • Sotheby’s, 2023 Extension
  • Eurasia Group, 2023 Extension
  • Amer Sports Winter & Outdoor Company, 2022 New Lease
  • Eurasia Group, 2022 Extension
  • Arc’teryx, 2022
  • Supergoop!, 2022 Expansion
  • Supergoop, 2021 New Lease
  • MJS Foundation, 2021 New Lease
  • Vistar Media, 2021 New Lease
  • Direct Agents, 2021 New Lease
  • Agenus, 2019 Renewal
  • Factual, 2019 Expansion
  • Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman, 2018 New Lease
  • WeWork, 2018 New Lease
  • Rain, 2018
  • Ann Taylor, 2016 Renewal
  • Artivest, 2016 New Lease
  • CORE Marketing Group, 2015 New Lease
  • Shag, 2015
  • Deluxe Corporation, 2015 New Lease
  • Deluxe Entertainment Services, 2015 Expansion
  • Sound Lounge, 2014 Renewal
  • Izzy, 2013 New Lease

150 Fifth Avenue

  • GANNI, 2022 New Lease
  • MasterCard, 2017 New Lease

155 Fifth Avenue

  • The White Company, 2017 New Lease

160 Fifth Avenue (aka 2 West 21st Street)

  • Simons Foundation, 2012 New Lease
  • Club Monaco, 2012 Renewal
  • Euclidean Capital, 2010 New Lease
  • Simons Foundation, 2009 New Lease


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