Saturday June 15, 2024

Downtown Broadway Pre-Built Office

Financial District

LISTING DETAILS FOR Downtown Broadway Pre-Built Office

Unit Size 6100 SQ. FT
Type Direct Lease
Price $39 psf


Downtown Broadway Pre-Built Office available today on the 11th and 16th floors at prime location in Manhattan’s financial district, providing modern amenities and stunning views of the city skyline, New York Harbor, and the Hudson River.

The 11th floor portion, spanning 5,076 square feet, boasts central air conditioning, fully carpeted floors, conference rooms, kitchen facilities, and abundant natural light. Meanwhile, the 16th floor portion, totaling 6,100 square feet, features conference rooms, central air conditioning, a balcony, and a spacious open floor plan layout in excellent condition, with fully carpeted floors and kitchen facilities.

This timeless 1920s Art Deco office tower provides a blend of old-world charm with modern office amenities, including 24/7 access, state-of-the-art telecom, and internet connectivity.

Located on Broadway, tenants benefit from convenient access to major transportation hubs, including subway lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, R, J, and Z, as well as the Staten Island Ferry and express bus routes. The area is bustling with high-end restaurants, bars, and historical landmarks, making it an attractive destination for businesses seeking connectivity, convenience, and a prestigious address.

With glass-fronted offices and conference rooms, commercial-grade denim carpets, tiled ceilings, and marble tile accents, both spaces offer a sophisticated work environment. The open layout configuration maximizes natural light and provides a cohesive design across each floor.

This building property appeals to a diverse tenant mix and has attracted notable organizations like Time, Spotify, GroupM, and J. Crew. Whether you’re a tech startup or a media company, this Downtown Broadway Pre-Built Office offers the ideal setting for your organization to thrive in the heart of Manhattan’s financial district.

Space Features:

  • 11th floor portion: 5,076 sq ft, central AC, carpeted floors, conference rooms, kitchen, natural light
  • 16th floor portion: 6,100 sq ft, conference rooms, balcony, open floor plan, carpeted floors, kitchen
  • Prime location in Manhattan’s financial district
  • Modern amenities and stunning city skyline views
  • Timeless 1920s Art Deco office tower with 24/7 access and state-of-the-art telecom
  • Convenient access to major transportation hubs, including subway lines and the Staten Island Ferry
  • Surrounding area features high-end restaurants, bars, and historical landmarks
  • Glass-fronted offices and conference rooms with sophisticated design accents
  • Ideal setting for diverse businesses seeking connectivity and prestige in the financial district
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Past and Presenty Companies found at this Location

  • Willdan Group 2024 New Lease
  • New York Cares 2023 New Lease
  • Breakthrough New York 2022 New Lease
  • Elysium Financial Network 2022 New Lease
  • Smith Mazure 2022 —
  • SMRC MGMT 2021 New Lease
  • PR Consulting Group 2021 New Lease
  • Meehan & Associates 2021 New Lease
  • Bouklas & Associates 2020 New Lease
  • Guiness World Records 2020 —
  • Linton, Robinson & Higgins 2020 —
  • Volcker Alliance 2020 —
  • Wasser, Brettler, Klar & Lipstein 2020 —
  • National Federation of Community Dev. 2020 —
  • Made Modern 2019 New Lease
  • Galdstein, Reiff 2019 New Lease
  • Sol Speedy 2019 —
  • Government of Vanuatu 2019 Renewal
  • Gladstein, Reif, MeGinniss 2019 —
  • Jacoby & Meyers 2019 Renewal
  • Mintzer, Sarowitz, Zeris, Ledva & Meyers 2019 —
  • MLB Solutions 2018 —
  • The New York Pops 2018 —
  • Apetan Consulting 2018 —
  • Littleton Joyce Ughetta Park & Kelly 2017 New Lease
  • Littleton Joyce 2017 Renewal
  • Eisner & Associates 2016 New Lease
  • Waterfront Commission of New York 2016 Renewal
  • Public Resources 2015 New Lease
  • Stephen Einstein & Associates, P.C 2015 New Lease
  • Metropolitan Jewish Health System 2014 New Lease
  • Food Bank of New York 2011 Expansion
  • Food Bank of New York 2011 Renewal


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