Friday December 08, 2023

Glass Fronts

A definition of today’s standard in commercial real estate; Glass Fronts, Glass Walls, Privacy Walls, Sliding Glass Doors, and Frameless Glass Walls.

Glass front walls and doors permitting natural light to flow throughout the office space. While controlling the foot traffic to private work-spaces, glass front walls aid in productivity and efficiency. Glass front walls provide a balance between an open office layout and a private office layout. High-end interior glass doors and/or partitions give the staff the ability to create, collaborate, and produce work.

Noise control and office acoustics play a major role in office productivity. Noise is an important consideration in the layout design and function of the workplace. In today’s open office layout, noise control is important to avoid distractions. 

A wide range of commercial offices, such as, financial and educational institutions, hospitals, and trendy start-ups, utilize glass front doors and walls. 

Use of bright colors in an office environment is a current, popular trend and mostly likely will continue in the following years.

Types of Glass Fronts

Privacy wall: are transportable walls. The privacy wall offers flexibility in the office layout. The movable wall offers a range of design options.

Office Fronts: space dividers are more than a glass wall. The dividers combine the building ‘s architecture and interior walls. Used in any configuration or finish, office fronts are usually frame-less including door frames.

Frameless: are free from unattractive framing. A frame-less glass features a basic base track for an office front of continual glass. Frame-less glass fronts offer a sophisticated look to any office.

Framed: is a door system that includes wood frames, aluminum, sliding glass, or barn doors. There is countless design options to choose from when planning the design. For example, glass, stack-able wood, wood veneer, laminate, and whiteboards are some options.

The concept of good business with good design is not new. The different types of glass and systems presented are all unique. They all can be used to create gorgeous modern design for any commercial office space.

If you are searching for an office in Manhattan with stunning glass design, contact us for the available spaces that will suit your needs. We have information on all the building properties throughout New York City with the specific details you are looking for!