Monday December 11, 2023

Furniture and Phones

A great advantage to the inclusion of furniture and phones is no up-front cost. A conventional office space especially in sublet spaces, purchasing equipment and furniture may not be necessary. 

Office spaces with the furniture available often include desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.

This eliminates the frustration of assembling and acquiring furniture. The details of the space is taken care by the preexisting design and furniture. A benefit of preexisting furniture is the predictable budget and pricing already built into the agreed upon price.

Flexibility is important to an efficient office space. Especially managing any savings from the office furniture taken back to operating expenses and other company expenses.  Office space trends are more focused on functionality. Placing the savings back into the business is ideal.

As the demand for space rises, traditional offices with furniture and short-term subleases, property owners are more willing to arrange an adjustable lease for start-up businesses.

Although property owners are more willing to make flexible leases, every situation is different. Property owners and their building will be factors in the type of leases they are willing to do.

Property owners and start-up businesses predominately favor the month-to-month lease options. The flexible lease terms are one option and all the options should be fully explored in the market.

Typical Arrangement
The standard furniture package includes a desk, desk chairs, guest chairs, or even a desk with a return.

Today’s Market
On today’s market, office sublets and directly lease spaces availability are on the decline in Manhattan. Resulting in the narrowing of cost difference in rent between subleases and direct leases.

As the rents trend upward for both, subleases still offer significant savings as opposed to direct lease spaces.

Some Benefits Are As Follows:

  1. Sublets are offered at move-in condition expediting move-in time;
  2. Some subleases offer furniture, phones, and IT wiring – saving both cost and time;
  3. Sublease terms are available varying from several months (also referred to as swing space) to ten years;
  4. Security deposit requirements may be reduced with a sublease. Transaction fees with subleases are typically less than direct lease spaces.

If your in the market for an office space that features Phone & Furniture included as part of the lease, give us a call and we can either go over the available spaces on the market or we can send you a market space survey – that details only those spaces that carry this option…

Some Popular Phones Used Today in Offices

  • Cisco 7841: Best Overall Office Phone. …
  • Polycom VVX 300: Best for Call Centers. …
  • Cisco SPA514G: Best for Small Businesses. …
  • Grandstream GXP 1630: Best Value. …
  • Polycom IP 5000: Best for Conference Calls. …
  • Samsung i3105: Best for Video Calls. …
  • RCA Unison 6.0: Best for Call Quality. …
  • Avaya 9641GS: Best for Cubicle Workers.

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