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A bullpen is used to describe the open area set up for work stations. A bullpen is used by multiple types of companies looking to promote a collaborative work force. The area typically has no barrier or offices separating employees.

Bullpens offer a company the freedom to utilize the office space in new and alternative practices. Some experimental set-ups are a mix of private offices, open workstations, and group workstations. A new approach is “hot desking”, also known as hoteling, where employees share a workstation and rotate through the stations on a first come, first serve system. This system works best for employees working different shifts at different times.

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As defined; the term bullpen is informal for an area where junior employees are grouped together in a single room. Senior employees graduate to more spacious work arrangements or individual offices.
Citation: Investotopia

General Practices
Office design are rarely foolproof and differ by the needs of the company. Even office designs tailored to a company and its needs are rarely perfect for all individuals. As with any office design, a bullpen comes with its own positives and negatives.

An open bullpen can offer many benefits to a company interested in a collaborative team-oriented environment. By removing partitions and other separations, the openness allows for an ease of communication between employees and co-workers. Bullpens can improve efficiency among team members who have the ability to discuss ideas and brainstorm without having to leave their workstation. The collaborative environment is one advantage offered by the bullpen office design. The bullpen offers new employees and team members the chance to work closely with more experienced employees.

This allows newer employees the opportunity to gain valuable experience in an open informal setting.

Bullpen and open office designs have drawbacks along with the advantages. Privacy is difficult to obtain in a bullpen without separations. Employees may feel uncomfortable with people overhearing their ideas and information. This may be counterproductive to the teamwork atmosphere. Noise levels may also be an issue and prove to be a distraction and annoyance to other employees. Open bullpens can become a problem during flu season allowing germs to spread easily among employees.

That atmosphere can cause tension and frustration among team members.

Whether you choose a bullpen office plan or an office intensive layout, finding the perfect office space is a great importance to any company or business. The perfect commercial space can really assist in your thriving innovation. While you search for your office, consider all the options available in an office space to set you above the rest.

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