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A balcony is a platform extending from the building attached to a space.

The balcony is typically above ground level and enclosed with walls or railings. Columns and/or console brackets provide support for the balcony structure. Balconies are smaller than a terrace and not primarily used for social purposes.

In contrast to the balcony, a terrace is situated on top of a supporting structure in many cases a roof. A terrace is larger than a balcony and serve a more social purpose.

Terraces found in commercial units with Manhattan generally range in the city from 200 to 2000 SF.

midtown Manhattan office spaces with balconies

There are synonyms for balconies such as, veranda, Juliet balcony, balustrade, and patio.

However, office space in New York City that feature a balcony are rare and few in-between. Generally we’ll see a single unit or two pop up from time to time but not very often as these are coveted spaces. Moreover the architecture of the building and its neighboring properties must have been constructed in to accommodate such outdoor spaces – most come in the form of a roof deck which stand level with the office unit in question. You don’t have to dig too hard to identify those buildings that feature a balcony, the following is a short list of those properties.

Buildings: 575 Lexington Avenue, 285 Madison Avenue, 350 Madison Avenue, 360 Madison Avenue, 444 Madison Avenue, 477 Madison Avenue, 660 Madison Avenue,31 West 34th Street, 55 Water Street, 1460 Broadway, 1140 Avenue of the Americas…

Those are mainly just the big properties – there are a number of side street buildings that contain balcony / terraces; though those require a broker’s insight into the current market and its availabilities.

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