Sunday February 05, 2023

Pre-Wired for Voice & Data

A commonly used term when searching for new office space is one which comes pre-wired for both voice & data usage.

A “pre-wired” office is referring to wiring and cables required for telecommunications and internet. Pre-wiring is important to address when looking to install a telephone system and internet router in your office space. A common cable installed in the space is called Category 5 Enhanced.

A prewire plan should be included in all new construction – panels for terminating cat5e cable, rg6 cable at a structured wiring panel. In a raw commercial space – the prewire stage of the implementation can be one of the most important to plan, and can have a big impact on the budget of a project.

The cable are capable of conducting both voice and data signals.

The Prewiring of Commercial Spaces

When searching for an office space with the capability to handle hardware expansion, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there cables already in place?
  • Are all the required area currently wired?
  • Are the existing cables compatible to the new hardware?
  • Will plenum cables be necessary?

When estimating your needs for pre-wiring in the office space, take into consideration things other than cables.

  • Are you going to assimilate the new voice and data into your existing one?
  • If yes, can your existing equipment accommodate the new voice and data?
  • If you keep your voice and data networks separate will hardware need to be added?
  • Will this be provided by your provider?
  • Will your phones need power over Ethernet switches? Are the switches are available and updated?


Technology infrastructure is important for company to improve customer connectivity, customer service, and great organizational capacity. Staying connected to your clients is important for your brand and reputation.

Generally commercial spaces that are listed online as being Pre-Wired for Voice & Data come to market commonly as commercial sublets. In this scenario the primary lessor has built-out the space and provided data ports at each desk area which connect to an I.T. Closet or Room. Moreover in most cases VOIP phones are provided at each desk with the addition of either workstations or the ability for you to patch into their network using your own computers and equipment.

In other cased a Pre-Wired space may have already been built-out by the landlord – generally these spaces are found within Class A Buildings; these offices are constructed to such a high standard that demo or renovations aren’t required. In those cases drops and wiring may already be done but phones & data aren’t included.

Then there are the spaces that fall in-between or have enough flexibility whereby these concessions can be made…

Need to find an office space that comes Pre-Wired for Voice & Data?

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