Operable Windows

Operable window is a classification for windows that have the ability to be opened and closed by the tenants. Being able to better control air flow and fresh air into the space is a highlight of operable windows. This feature is one of the most frequently requested by businesses. Having the ability to open a window and let in fresh air bring a connection to the outdoor and better mood.  

The Specifics About Operable Windows
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Although operable windows are desired by tenants, most new buildings do not include operable windows. Operable windows are typically not included to avoid any strain on the HVAC systems by left open windows. Non-operable windows are less expensive than operable windows. Non-operable or fixed windows are more cost-effective, but less desirable to tenants whom what a sense of control over the space. The additional ventilation is a great benefit to the operable windows.

In many parts of the U.S., natural ventilation offers a seasonal opportunity for air conditioning energy savings if included as part of the HVAC design, balancing, and operating plan. Perhaps the greatest benefit that operable windows provide is ventilation, which can have a positive impact on your HVAC budget...

Private Office With Operable Windows Conference Room With Operable Windows

For some buildings that do not want to include operable windows there are other options to bring the same effect. Some windows may have a small area (small awning or sliding portion) operable to promote natural cooling and cross-ventilation. It is recommended for each office area to have one operable window.

Smart Systems
Advances in operable window technology will squash the fear you have about employees opening the windows while your HVAC system is trying to heat or cool the building.

“Operable windows can be equipped with motorized mechanical operators, which allow the opening and closing modes to be controlled,” says Brenden. “They can also be designed to activate automatically for smoke evacuation.”

You also have the option of providing your HVAC system with window status feedback. “The interface between operable windows and mechanical systems can be as basic as a switch that automatically turns off local HVAC components when windows are open

Operable windows can sometimes be installed more easily in retrofits than fixed windows. “In some cases they are actually preferred due to the fact that anchor fasteners can be concealed between the sash and the frame, eliminating the need for special anchor clips

Having the ability to open your window while through the work day may seem trivial but can be a desirable perk. Moreover about half of the buildings in Manhattan today feature windows that a tenant can open or close; though as new development continues more and more office towers are being clad in glass & steel without the ability to open an apature at all. If you'd like to lease of purchase a commercial space that features windows you can operate give us a call or fill out our form. When searching for commercial real estate with operable windows it may prove to be difficult to key in on a particular detail as this. We can show you the options and whats available on the market today in just a few minutes.

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