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Law Firm Offices in Manhattan - find commercial real estate for attorneys in no time, perfect commercial spaces are available for laywers, litigators, and legal professionals of all walks.

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Our brokers have been assisting law firms with their office needs since 1994. We can save you time by culling down only the appropiate offices which match your budget, image, and time table. As teneant brokers our fiduciary responsiblity is with you the tenant - and NOT the landlord or their representatives.

We unstandstand the usage and needs of a modern law practice!

Today most attorneys insist that a law office is a necessity, ideally a traditional office is a required part of practicing law through subletting of commercial space from a good primary lessor is also a good option readily availavle throughout Manhattan.

In either scenario we can show you a plethora of office options just right for you and your staff.

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  • Option #1: Broker Assisted Search We will put together an office space report detailing all the viable spaces available based on your criteria.

  • Option #2: Online Database Updated daily - gain instant insight and see what's readily availavaible on the market yourself!

  • Option #3 Featured Space Listings below offers a snapshot into the available commercial properties which either host other law firms / professionals - or are best suited for a legal practice.


Option #3 Featured Spaces: Law Office Listings

City Hall Office for Lease Broadway - $50 / 2900 SF.
Columbus Circle Office for Lease 54th Street - $55 / 3500 SF.
Downtown Office for Lease Broad Street - $55 / 18000 SF.
Financial District Office for Lease Broadway - $Call / 4500 SF.
Financial District Office for Lease Broad Street - $50 / 12000 SF.
Financial District Sublet Office for Rent Maiden Lane - $Call / 11161 SF.
Grand Central Shared Law Office Space Park Avenue - $59 / 3000 SF.
Grand Central Law Office Sublet Park Ave - $59 / 3000 SF.
Grand Central Office Space for Lease 46th Street - $54 / 4400 SF.
Grand Central Office for Lease 42nd Street - $Call / 8500 SF.
Manhattan Midtown "East" Office Sublet 51st - $Call / 2000 SF.
Manhattan Midtown "East" Office Space 57th - 54 $Call / 3428 SF.
Midtown (South) Shared Offices for Rent 34th Street - $ Call / 2520 SF.
Nomad Office Sublet Rental 27th Street - Price Upon Request / 6375 SF.
Penn Station Office Sublet Rental Seventh Ave $Call - 2800 SF.
Plaza District Office Sublet | Lexington Ave $Call - 7316 SF.
Plaza District Sublet Office West 56th - Price Upon Request
SOHO Office Space for Lease West Broadway - $55 / 2500 SF.
Times Square Office for Lease West 42nd Street - Call / 9000 SF.
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Common Law Space Features:

Conference Rooms
Reception Area

Guest Seating
Fine Wood Finishes
Direct Elevators Access
Phones & Furntiure (Upon Request w. certain Spaces)
Partners Offices (Private Offices)

Glass Fronts

Wiring for Voice & Data (Cat 5)
Corner Office (windows on 2 sides)
Penthouse Office


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