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Penn Station Office for Sale | West 33rd Street x10 Condos

39,000 Sq. Ft. divisible Negotiable - Full & Partial Floors Available

The Penn Station area of Manhattan now offers business owners the chance at garnering the advantages of asset growth and circumvent the City's ever rising lease rates while enjoying improved levels of authority and operation.

These condo offices are located in the heart of Penn Plaza - an area poised for sigificant redevelopment and growth as a 24/7 business district - the property at West 33rd Street is a 16-story office tower with approximately 208,805 rent-able square feet for sale.

Available Sizes:

Entire Floors

14,369 sq. ft. - Entire 4th floor
14,369 sq. ft. - Entire 5th floor
13,929 sq. ft. - Entire 7th floor
13,024 sq. ft. - Entire 8th floor
13,012 sq. ft. - Entire 9th floor
  9,393 sq. ft. - Entire 14th floor

Partial Floors

  3,135 sq. ft. - 12th Floor Space
  1,900 sq. ft. - 12th Floor Space
  3,702 sq. ft. - 17th Floor Space
     549 sq. ft. - 17th Floor Space

Built in 1960, the office tower is located on the north side of West 33rd Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, just steps from Penn Station and convenient to the A, C, E, 1, 2, and 3 subway lines. A variety of showroom, office and retail tenants currently occupy the building.

Key Features:
- Contention Penn Station / Garment Center Location perfect for Showroom + Office tenants with a desire for great natural light / windows...
- Freedom from marketplace fluctuations or landlord demand
- Flexibility to use existing space or purchase additional space directly in line with long-range planning and design needs
- Value per square foot offering long-term investment value
- Control over the organization’s destiny through the financial growth, stability and planning of real estate ownership
- Opportunity for companies and investors seeking to own desirable space in Manhattan’s prime commercial districts
- Exemption from real estate taxes for non-profit/not-for-profit organizations
- Elimination of the “throwing money away” syndrome of continuous commercial renting

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